The Future of Stones a speculation on matter (Halkidiki, Greece)

This project is a follow up of the rst project in Brazil and engages in a speculative ge- ology around the waste material outcomes from the mining activity. Samples from the Halkidiki mines have been experimented with a elaborated technique.
Before the break out of a severe nancial crisis, Greece has reassessed it’s mining relations, converting into an investor-friendly territory with loose regulations, neglecting the local environment and people. As a fore- front case stands the biologically diverse Halkidiki Region, currently being developed into a high grade gold-copper mining area. These proceedings expose the “disaster capitalism” nature of our times, with its ex- isting exploitative power relations, disturb- ing areas in unpredictable and irreversible ways.

 In cooperation with KIWA GmbH Materialfor- schung Institut - specializing in quality testing and certi cations of products and systems.

Exhibition view and detail, Stones: 15x9x6cm & 15x6x6cm, mining waste samples of Olympias Mine -Halkidiki exposed to high pressure and temperature, The Future of Stones - speculation on matter, Kastela Art Center, Athen, GR, 2017

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